Welcome to the SASH Lab!

Welcome to the Sexual Assault and Sexual Health Lab, directed by Dr. Kathryn Holland. In the lab, we study a variety of issues related to sexual assault and sexual health—with the goal of helping people (and especially women) live safer and healthier lives. 

The SASH Lab takes a broad approach to understanding sexual assault and sexual health: examining a full range of sexual assault experiences (e.g., unwanted touching, sexual coercion) and many dimensions of sexual health (e.g., sexual communication, satisfaction) in addition to more conventional conceptualizations of “sexual assault” (e.g., forcible rape) and “sexual health” (e.g., condom use). Some current research interests/areas include: 

  • The implementation and effectiveness of formal support systems for sexual assault in higher education and the military, such as university policies shaped by Title IX and Clery (e.g., mandatory reporting), reporting procedures, resources, and education/prevention programs.
  • Service barriers and health disparities for LGBTQ sexual assault survivors.
  • The connections between social norms/stereotypes around gender and sexuality (e.g., women are passive and men are aggressive) and women’s sexual health.
  • The causes and consequences of gendered aggression (e.g., sexual harassment) and prosocial action (e.g., bystander intervention) in interpersonal interactions.

If you are interested in applying and have questions, please email: kholland4@unl.edu.