Jocelyn Ritchie


A. Jocelyn Ritchie, JD, PhD

Jocelyn received a Ph.D. in experimental psychology and a J.D. in the UN-L psychology and law program. She worked for several years as an advocate and legislative lobbyist for Nebraska’s federally funded protection and advocacy agency before re-training in the UN-L clinical psychology program. She was a post-doctoral Fellow in the Yale Psychiatry Department, in forensic and neuropsychological assessment. Upon returning to Lincoln she accepted an adjunct position in the UN-L Clinical Psychology Training Program, where she is active in teaching, research and clinical supervision. She practices and consults in several agencies in the Lincoln area, including Lincoln Regional Center, the VA and the Child Guidance Center. Her interests include forensic and neuropsychological assessment, assessment and treatment of trauma-related problems, psychiatric rehabilitation and mental health policy.

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