J.Rock Johnson



J. Rock Johnson, JD

J. Rock’s interests are broad but focus primarily on the involvement of consumers throughout various systems of service and research. These different aspects of involvement include but are not limited to the recovery movement, self-directed care, consumer directed services, peer support and advocacy, advance directives, and mental health reform. In addition, J. Rock's interests include restraint & selcusion free environments, development of treatment programs/systems, mental health policy and legislation, and evaluation and outcome of treatment programs.

Prior to formally joining the the UNL Serious Mental Illness Research Group, J. Rock collaborated with Will Spaulding on several local and national projects. In addition to collaborating on projects within the research group, J. Rock continues to work with local, state, regional, and national organizations to promote recovery and consumer involvement.

J. Rock received her Juris Doctor degree from DePaul University College of Law.

Email J. Rock: jrock10@sprynet.com

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