Training Sites

In addition to psych-law curriculum and research opportunities, clinical students in the Law-Psychology Program are required to complete 20 hours a week of practicum. Through an array of placement sites, students gain extensive exposure to forensic populations, such as violent offenders, sex offenders, mentally ill inmates, forensic psychiatric patients, involuntarily committed sex offenders (aka, “sexually violent predators”), and adolescent sex offenders. These experiences include: 1) conducting risk assessments (criminal, violence, sexual violence), personality and intelligence testing, and legal competency evaluations; 2) generating integrative reports, parole evaluations, and treatment plans; and 3) performing individual and group therapy relevant to forensic populations (e.g., anger management, Violence Reduction Program, intensive sex offender programing). Additionally, many of our practica offer professional trainings for employees that externs may attend for free, including: treatment considerations for psychopathy and substance abuse, risk assessment protocols (e.g., HCR-20: V3, Static-99R, STABLE), and empirically supported treatment seminars (e.g., dialectical behavior therapy). More extensive descriptions of our practicum sites are provided below.

Diagnostic and Evaluation Center

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

The Diagnostic and Evaluation Center (DEC) is a maximum security intake facility for the Nebraska prison system. The DEC is responsible for the evaluation, classification, and assignment of all new inmates in the state who have been convicted of a felony.

  • Newly convicted, adult male offenders
  • Variable offender types
  • Approximate facility size = 475 inmates

Extern Duties

  • Psychological interviews and reports
  • Assessment of risk for victimization and violence to inmates, staff, and self
  • Mental health assessment and treatment recommendations
  • Specialized evaluations (e.g., psychopathy, cognitive)

Lincoln Correctional Center

Nebraska Deparment of Correctional Services

The Lincoln Correctional Center (LCC) is a maximum security prison. It houses the residential Mental Health Unit and inpatient Sex Offender Unit. These units are responsible for the treatment and management of severely mentally ill inmates and severe sex offenders.

  • Adult male sex offenders
  • Inmates with major mental illness
  • Approximate unit sizes = 75 inmates (on each unit)

Extern Duties

                      • Co-facilitate group therapy (e.g., anger management, substance abuse, MH psychoeducation, sex offender treatment)
                      • Neurocognitive assessment and IQ testing
                      • Psychological reports and behavior management planning

Lincoln Regional Center

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

The Lincoln Regoinal Center (LRC) is a state psychiatric hospital. The LRC compus houses several units the provide unique psychiatric servies to various populations. We currently have placements at the Residential Sex Offender Services Unit and the Forensic Services Unit. Additionally, externs have the option to gain experience at the Whitehall campus of LRC, which residential adolescent sex offender treatment program.

Forensice Services Unit
Sex Offender Services Unit
  • Offenders undergoing competency evaluations for the courts (e.g., not guilty by reason of insanity)
  • Adjudicated offenders receiving indefinite treatment
  • Approximately 40 patients
Extern Duties
  • Competency evaluations
  • Co-facilitate group therapy
  • Mental Health Board Committed Sex Offenders (aka, “sexually violent predators”)
  • Convicted sex offenders temporarily stationed at LRC for treatment
  • Approximately 80 patients

Extern Duties

  • Admission psych evaluations
  • Suicide and trauma screens
  • Personality assessment and interpretation
  • Sexual violence risk assessments
  • Co-facilitate various types of group therapy

Nebraska State Penitentiary

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

The Nebraska State Penitentiary is a minimum through maximum security prison. It houses the Violence Reduction Program, an intensive residential treatment program for high-risk violent offenders.

  • Adult male inmates
  • Variable offender types
  • Approximate facility size = 1,200 inmates
Extern Duties
  • Co-facilitate Violence Reduction Program
  • Co-facilitate sex offender treatment program
  • Psychopathy, violence risk, and sexual violence risk assessment

Public Policy Center

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The Public Policy Center (PPC) is a university research center that aims to increase the knowledge of threat assessment practice in college, workplace, military and public figures related settings through the Threat Assessment Research Project.

Extern Duties

  • Assist and conduct threat assessment and emergency response research
  • Organization of training events
  • Development of relevant formative activities and documents