Lori Hoetger


About Lori

Lori Hoetger is a graduate student in the dual JD/PhD in Social Psychology program. She graduated in 2009 from the University of Notre Dame with a double major in psychology and gender studies, and completed her JD with highest distinction and her MA in psychology in 2014.

Her research interests include juveniles in the criminal justice system, societal views and knowledge of the judicial process, and legal decision-making. 

Currently, Lori's projects include decisions to consent to a Fourth Amendment search, evolving expectation of privacy, and pre-trial publicity.  Her dissertation, How Can Teens Be Reasonable? Adolescents' Reasonable Expectations of Privacy in a Digital Age, is funded by the National Science Foundation dissertation enhancement grant. 

Lori was also involved with various groups and activities at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, including the Nebraska Law Review. 

Lori is currently practicing criminal law with the Douglas County Public Defender after completing a clerkship with the Honorable William Jay Riley of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Outside of school, Lori enjoys playing with her three dogs, reading, and watching college sports. With the encouragement and advice of her advisor Eve, Lori completed her two marathons (a feat she never thought she could accomplish), several half marathons, and two triathlons. 

Lori has one son, Sam, born in August 2016.