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I primarily study the way in which the law intervenes --and sometimes interferes-- in family and individual decision making. That includes issues about raising children (e.g., parental responsibility laws and blaming parents), adult children caring for aging parents, and Constitutionally protected rights within the criminal and juvenile justice systems.

For copies of a few of my papers, please go to the University of Nebraska Digital Commons. For a copy of my Curriculum Vitae, please click here.

Parental Responsibility/ Parental Involvement

Parental responsibility laws hold parents legally responsible when their children commit crimes. Every state has some form of these laws and more and more municipalities are enacting some form of them. I'm currently working on writing several manuscripts that examine how and why people attribute responsibility to and blame parents when their children commit crimes.

Elder Care Giving and Other Elder Issues 

When families decide to care for their aging family members both the elder and the family member have a number of decisions to make. We are examining how people make these decisions and other end-of-life decisions. We're also interested in elder autonomy issues and ageism.

Fourth Amendment and Reasonable Expectations of Privacy

The Fourth Amendment protects against intrusions into unreasonable expectations of privacy, but the law is not clear regarding what makes an expectation reasonable. We are using various social cognitive theories, including embodied cognition, to examine individual's expectations of privacy.