Nebraska Symposium on Motivation

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In our GRIT, our Glory: Gender Resilience, Integration, and Transformation

70th Annual Nebraska Symposium on Motivation

20-21 April 2023
Nebraska Union Auditorium

Coordinated by: Tierney Lorenz, Ph.D., Debra Hope, Ph.D., and Katy Holland, Ph.D.

This event is free and open to the public and will be available online via webinar.

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Several recent papers calling for intersectionality in psychological science have highlighted the need to move away from deficit-based models and embrace more nuanced and methodologically rigorous approaches to measuring resiliency and wellbeing within minoritized groups, including women and gender-diverse folx. This symposium will elevate and highlight research on resiliency, joy, pleasure and wellbeing, going beyond questions of “how can we apply existing theories of resilience to gender diverse populations?” to “what can we learn from women and gender diverse folx about the nature of resilience, joy and wellbeing?”

Speakers will include: 

Jae Puckett (Michigan State University)

Danielle Dickens (Spelman College)

Meredith Chivers (Queens University)

Lanice Avery (University of Virginia)

Breanne Fahs (Arizona State University)

Sara McClelland (University of Michigan)