Debra Hope

Professor Psychology

Lab website: Anxiety Disorders Clinic and Rainbow Project

Dr. Hope received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University at Albany-State University of New York in 1990 and joined the department in the same year. Her current research interests include assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders (particularly social phobia). Dr. Hope is the director of the Anxiety Disorders Clinic, one of the speciality services within the Psychological Consultation Center. Her work on psychopathology emphasizes information processing models that describe the role of attention and memory in social phobia and the impact of these cognitive processes on interpersonal functioning. Dr. Hope also has ongoing research on both the outcome and process of psychotherapy. Research on psychotherapy outcome includes examining predictors of successful treatment, the mechanisms underlying cognitive-behavioral treatment for anxiety disorders, and adapting protocols developed for research to non-research clinical settings. The ongoing work on psychotherapy process investigates a variety of variables including the therapeutic alliance, client satisfaction, and homework compliance. Dr. Hope also has a teaching and research interest in the psychology of women. Dr. Hope teaches the core psychotherapy course and supervises practicum.

Representative Publications
  • Meier, V. J., & Hope, D. A. (1998). Assessment of social skills. In M. Hersen & A. S. Bellack, (eds.), Handbook of behavioral assessment, 4th ed., (pp. 232-255) New York: Allyn & Bacon.
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