Lisa Crockett

Professor Psychology

Professor Crockett's research interests focus on adolescent development. She conducts research in two primary areas: adolescent risk behavior, with an emphasis on sexuality, and ethnic differences in parenting and adolescent adjustment. In one study, Dr. Crockett followed a sample of rural adolescents from junior high into early adulthood. Using this data set she has examined predictors and consequences of early sexuality activity and heavy drinking among rural youth. More recent analyses focus on the transition to adulthood, including the implications of adolescents' family relationships, peer relationships and behavior for the quality of their romantic relationships in adulthood as well as the development of aspirations and expectations for the future. In a second study, she and Dr. Marcela Raffaelli have examined the childhood origins of adolescents' sexual risk-taking. In a third study, she has examined the relations between parenting practices and adolescent adjustment across different ethnic groups, using national survey data and qualitative data from focus group interviews with teenagers. A fourth project examines the relationships between temperament, internalizing, and externalizing problems from grades 3 to 10. A new project that focuses on the development and well-being of Latino adolescents is underway. Dr. Crockett served as Associate Editor of the Journal of Research on Adolescence from 1999-2004 and currently serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Early Adolescence and Developmental Psychology.

Representative Publications
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