Degree Forms:

6 steps required by Graduate Studies en route to Ph.D.

All links to the following forms will re-direct you to the Graduate Studies website so that you can be confident that the forms are current!
Masters Degree Forms
  Step 1: Memorandum of Courses (PDF)
  Step 2: Final Examination Report for Masters Degree (PDF)
Doctoral Degree Forms
  Step 3: (PDF) Appointment of the Supervisory Committee (self-explanatory)
    Step 3a: Change of Supervisory Committee Form
  Step 4: (PDF) Program of Studies for the Doctoral Degree (submit before comps)
  Step 5: Application for Admission to Candidacy (PDF, comps exam form)

Must be filed with Graduate Studies seven months before expected graduation.
  Step 6: (PDF) Application for Final Oral Examination or Waiver of Examination for Doctoral Degree