Diversity Brownbags

The purpose of the bi-weekly brownbag is to provide a supportive environment in which students and faculty who are doing diversity-focused research can receive feedback on a variety of research products that could include grants, manuscripts, conference presentations, and others.  All are welcome to join and present.  The brownbag will occur every other week and will be held in Burnett 327 (The Sarata Room).

Date Time 


Sept. 15 12:30 pm Dr. Trey Andrews presentation: Diversity-focused research
Sept. 29 12:30 pm

Dr.  Deb Hope grant proposal presentation:
RCT of an intervention for transgender and gender non-conforming populations

Oct. 13 12:30 pm Reading circle for Make Your Home among Strangers
Oct. 27 12:30 pm Dr. Mark Holden proposal presentation: Barriers to Entry into STEM Disciplines
Nov. 10 12:30 pm Allura Ralston and Natalie Holt ABCT presentations: The Gender Comfort Scale
Dec. 8 1:00 pm Dr. Gustavo Carlo presentation: Latino-focused research
Jan. 19 12:30 pm Creating inclusive demographic forms
Feb. 2 12:30 pm Allura Ralston: Using Technology Tools to Reduce Mental Health Disparities