Sarata Diversity Enhancement Mission

The Sarata Diversity Enhancement Committee of the Department of Psychology at University of Nebraska-Lincoln was formed to promote and enhance diversity within the department's research, teaching and curriculum, and community service. We encourage faculty and students to examine and investigate psychology with the understanding that culture, gender, religion, and sexual orientation influence behavior. Furthermore, the committee serves as a venue to educate and promote awareness of diversity issues within the academic environment. Some of the committee's activities include:

1) development of methods for recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and students,

2) provision of a forum for discussion of diversity issues and research,

3) examination of methods to improve curriculum with respect to diversity issues and to support and encourage research on diverse issues with diverse populations,

4) promotion of teaching methods that encourage success by minority and diverse students.

We believe the committee's activities will encourage recruitment and retention of students in our department and enhance an interest in and knowledge of diversity within the department.