Levine Diversity Enhancement Award

The Inclusive Excellence Work Group is now accepting nominations for the 2021 Levine Diversity Enhancement Research Award.  We will be accepting nominations for graduate and undergraduate students who have completed research focusing on diversity-related topics.  To nominate a student, you only need to submit their name via email (kwakabayashi2@unl.edu).  We will then follow up with the students to request full applications.

Anyone, including faculty, staff, and graduate students, can submit nominations of undergraduate and graduate students.  We encourage students to make their advisors aware of research that would qualify, and to nominate work of fellow students, as we want to recognize the breadth and depth of the amazing work being done across the department.

Nominations are due by March 5th 2021.  We will then ask nominees to submit an application, which will be due March 19th 2021, if they are interested in being considered for the award. Instructions for the undergraduate and graduate applications will be provided once nominations are complete.

To be eligible for nomination, students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and be in good standing.

Undergraduate students need only to have taken a lead role on a research product focusing on diversity, broadly defined. Example research products could include, but are not limited to, theses, posters or symposia presented at conferences, manuscripts, preprints, audio or video products, educational aids or curricula, instruments (survey, evaluation, etc.), models, protocols, interventions (clinical or educational), software.

Graduate students must have authored (i.e. co-author or first-author) a research manuscript that addresses an issue for a diverse population or a diversity topic. Eligible manuscripts for consideration include published manuscripts, manuscripts under revision after peer review, or publicly available preprints.

Diversity topics include, but are not limited to, age, race/ethnicity, culture, nationality, immigration, human gender, sex differences/effects of sex in preclinical research, gender identity, sexual orientation or identity, ability, religion/spirituality, and socioeconomic status.

One graduate and one undergraduate winner will be honored at the annual celebration, will receive a cash prize, and will have their names added to the plaque listing past award winners.

Past Winners of Levine Diversity Enhancement Award

Graduate Winners:

Allura Ralston and Natalie Holt (Recipients, 2020)

Allura Ralston (Recipient, 2019)

Abby Reimer (Recipient, 2018)

Grant Shulman and Natalie Holt (Recipients, 2017)

Alisha Caldwell (Recipient, 2016)

Antover P. Tuliao (Recipient, 2015)

Rosa Hazel Delgado (Recipient, 2014)

Libier Isas (Recipient, 2013)

Lindsey Wylie and Jill Allen (Recipients, 2012)

Brandon Weiss (Recipient, 2011)     

Miriam Martinez (Recipient, 2011)

Julia (Jules) McLawsen (Recipient 2010)

Amy Hillard (Recipient, 2009)

Maria I. Iturbide (Recipient, 2008)

Amy Hillard (Honorable Mention, 2008)

Samantha Schwartz (Recipient, 2007)

Leslie Davila Martinez (Recipient, 2007)

Brian Armenta (Recipient, 2006)

Kee-Hong Choi (Honorable Mention, 2006)

Lisa Knoche (Recipient, 2005)

Brian Armenta (Honorable Mention, 2005)

Russ Espinoza (Recipient, 2004)

Haig Kouyoumdjian (Honorable Mention, 2004)

Maria Rosario T. de Guzman (Recipient, 2003)

Byron Zamboanga (Recipient, 2003)

Russ Espinoza (Honorable Mention, 2003)

Undergraduate Winners:

Sage Volk (Recipient, 2020)

Elizabeth Otto (Recipient, 2019)

Myrianna Bakou (Recipient, 2018)

Joseph Hams (Recipient, 2017)

Sydney Gaylord (Recipient, 2015)

David Garcia (Recipient, 2014)

Haley Mullin and Maggie Schauer (Recipients, 2013)

Taylor Flairty (Recipient, 2012)

Ryann McGough (Recipient, 2011)

Nicholas Miller (Recipient, 2010)     

Andrea Lowe (Recipient, 2007)

Melissa Tehee (Recipient, 2004)

Christina Dorsey (Recipient, 2003)