I am currently designing a project looking at emotion as a determinate
of guilt decisions by jurors in court cases.

Previous Education

 Master of Legal Studies - University of Nebraska, 2012

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) - Arizona State University, 2008

Bachelor of Arts (History) - Arizona State University, 2008

Lab Experience

 Legal Decision Making Lab (Wiener Lab)- Graduate Research Assistant, 2008 - present

Law and Psychology Lab (Saks and Schweitzer Lab) - Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2008

Social Influence Interest Group (Cialdini Lab) - Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2007 - 2008

Evolution and Social Cognition Lab (Kenrick and Neuberg Lab) - Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2005 - 2007

Teaching Experience

 Instructor, Psychology of Social Behavior - University of Nebraska -Lincoln, 2011 - present

Teaching Assistant, Intro to Psychology - University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2012


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Smith, Amy L., Wiener, Richard L., Blenner, Jordan A. (2011). The Law vs. The Common Definition in Male on Male Sexual Harassment Cases. Paper presentation at the AP-LS Conference, Miami, FL.

Smith, Amy L., Wiener, R.L., Nichols-Keller, S. (2009).  Analysis of Guilt Certainty mediated by gender and emotion. Poster presentation at the AP-LS Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Smith, Amy L. (2008). Three-Party Persuasion. Poster presentation at the Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Conference, Tucson, AZ.