Colin Holloway earned his undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University where he majored in Decision Science before obtaining a J.D. from Emory University School of Law.  After practicing law in the Washington, DC area for a few years, Colin shifted career focus to Psychology and Law in order to contribute policy-focused research to the legal and academic communities.  Colin has been in the LDM lab since 2014, and has worked with Dr. Wiener on program evaluation and policy research for the Nebraska Office of Probation Administration. 

Colin is interested in criminal justice policy, with particular focus on discrimination against ex-offenders with highly visible criminal records.  His research explores the psychological mechanisms of ex-offender discrimination in the workplace, with specific interest on the manner in which employer discrimination alters applicant risk analysis and hiring decision-making.  The goal of his research is to identify ways to promote ex-offender reentry and reduce the cycle of recidivism.

Colin and his dog Cash enjoy lazy weekends, eating too much, and exploring the great outdoors together.