At the PCC, it's our goal to provide affordable services to the community. Our service fees are as follows:

Service Type

Intake/Consultation Fee

Service fee

Individual therapy


$25 per session

Group therapy


$25 per session

All evaluations/assessments


$500 (includes the intake fee and a $40 deposit at the second session)

Fee Reductions Based on Income

We offer sliding scale fees based on income; a Fee Reduction Application form may be requested by you from your  therapist during your consultation session.


Because we're a training clinic, we do not accept any forms of insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid. All payments are out-of-pocket.

Payment Forms

We accept the following forms of payment:

  • In-person: Cash ($50 bills or smaller only), check, card
  • Over the phone: Card
  • By mail: Check
- Checks should be made out to "University of Nebraska - Lincoln."
Invoices for outstanding balances are mailed at the end of each month.