CPTP in the News

04/04/2022 Nebraska Today Meaning-rich life may curb stress-related drinking in college
03/21/2022 Nebraska Today Interdisciplinary panel to cap 'Pain and Pleasure' series
02/16/2022 Nebraska Today Lorenz's talk for 'Pain and Pleasure' series is Feb. 22
07/14/2021 Nebraska Today Surveys prone to undercounting, misclassifying sexual minorities
07/13/2021 Nebraska Today Researcher developing tool to help women support survivors of sexual assault
06/02/2021 Nebraska Today Psychology Consultation Center embraces, finds success in telehealth
05/17/2021 Nebraska Today Worry over post-pandemic life is normal, manageable
04/22/2021 Nebraska Today College students aren't partying through pandemic, Husker study shows
04/06/2021 Nebraska Today PPC Continuing work to prevent targeted violence
03/23/2021 Nebraska Today Lorenz, Sanchez to present next MHDI Health equity talk
12/03/2020 Nebraska Today Andrews developing strategies to help high-risk groups navigate COVID
11/24/2020 Nebraska Today New study shows real-time stress reaction to racism
09/04/2020 Nebraska Today Nebraska Researchers Continue Obesity Intervention Study
06/27/2020 New York Times Gotten Used to Quarantine? Us Too.
11/04/2019 Nebraska Today Faculty 101 talk threat assessment with Scalora
10/13/2019 Lincoln Journal Star Mario Scalora comments on threat assessment for local shooting
07/26/2019 Nebraska Today Natalia Acosta earns AAUW Fellowship
06/26/2019 Lincoln Journal Star Crowdfunded grant will help UNL research study sex-related conditions
04/22/2019 UNMC Newsroom CPTP Alum Catherine Jones-Hazeldine to be honored during UNMC commencement
04/18/2019 The Daily Nebraskan UNL professor's award-winning research sees signs to prevent violence
04/10/2019 Nebraska Today Bell, Dawes, Scalora, Tsymbal earn top NU honors
03/13/2019 Nebraska Today U.S. News ranks Nebraska graduate programs among nations's best
11/16/2018 Nebraska Today Six University of Nebraska-Lincoln professors received named and university professorships from the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor
09/26/2018 Nebraska Today Molly Franz receives Presidential Graduate Fellowship
08/27/2018 Nebraska Today Andrews to use fontonovelas to aid Hispanic victims of violence
2/15/2018 Nebraska Today CB3 director lauds center, aims for stronger national profile
7/28/2017 Nebraska Today Kate Theimer's study finds association between child sexual abuse frequency and victim blame
6/20/2017 Daily Nebraskan UNL professor receives kidney transplant, another donates
6/18/2017 Lincoln Journal Star UNL Professors in Nebraska's largest living-donor transplant chain
6/9/2017 WOWT Dr. Hansen and Dr. Molfese: Kidney transplant donors meet recipients
6/9/2017 Nebraska Today Professors Hansen and Molfese linked by gift of kidney
5/31/2017 UNL Psychology Dr. David Hansen donates kidney
1/30/2017 Nebraska Today Dr. Mario Scalora lends threat expertise to inauguration
1/26/2017 Nebraska Today Dr. David DiLillo, Jessica Calvi, and Molly Franz showcase how saliva can give researchers a new tool to understand behavior
1/10/2017 NET Katie Kidwell: Losing weight might have less to do with willpower, and more with upbringing
10/25/2016 Daily Nebraskan Study by Katie Kidwell says emotional eating isn’t just genetic
10/21/2016 Nebraska Today A study by Katie Kidwell finds link between moms' feelings and kids' eating habits
6/24/2016 ABC Channel 8 News Tori Van Dyk: UNL Study finds link between kids sleep habits, mental health
6/23/2016 Nebraska Today Tori Van Dyk's study finds link between kids’ sleep habits, mental health
1/20/2016 Nebraska Today Samantha Pittenger adopts novel approach to studying sexual revictimization
1/19/2016 Nebraska Today Dr. Debra Hope to be honored with ‘Fulfilling the Dream’ award
1/10/2016 Omaha World Herald Dr. Mario Scalora identifies behavioral threat assessment as an effective strategy in improving school safety
1/1/2016 Scientific American Dr. David DiLillo discusses the role of emotion dysregulation in sexual revictimization
11/24/2015 NPR Katie Kidwell's meta-analysis of stimulant medications and sleep problems of children with ADHD shows that medications lead to worse sleep
11/23/2015 Science Times ADHD meds hinder kids from the sleep they need
11/23/2015 Nebraska Today Katie Kidwell, Tori Van Dyk, Alyssa Lundahl, and Dr. Timothy Nelson: Study shows kids who take ADHD meds have trouble sleeping
11/23/2015 Web MD ADHD medications linked to sleep problems in kids
11/23/2015 Huffington Post ADHD drugs could harm kids’ sleep
11/23/2015 Today Show Children who take ADHD meds may have sleep trouble
11/23/2015 CBS News UNL Researchers: ADHD meds may cause sleep problems in kids
11/23/2015 Yahoo News Stimulant medications may harm sleep for kids with ADHD
11/23/2015 UPI ADHD meds linked to sleep issues in children
11/15/2015 Lincoln Journal Star Dr. David Hansen explains the potential long-term effects of child sexual abuse
9/10/2015 Huffington Post Molly Franz's survey of college students suggests a pathway between women's experiences of sexual objectification and increased risk of sexual assault
9/1/2015 Nebraska Today Molly Franz, Dr. David DiLillo, and Dr. Sarah Gervais: Study links ogling with vulnerability to sexual assault
7/2/2015 Nebraska Today Anna Jaffe, Dr. David DiLillo, and Michelle Haikalis investigate the potential harm associated with participation in trauma-related research 
6/15/2015 Nebraska Today Alyssa Lundahl and Dr. Timothy Nelson identify pathways linking disrupted sleep and obesity
11/13/2014 Nebraska Today Dr. Mario Scalora: Researchers working to advance national security, defense
10/1/2014 The Behavior Therapist UNL's Clinical Psychology Training program featured in the Behavior Therapist
7/1/2014 Psychology Today Alyssa Lundahl: Parents underestimate their child's weight
2/11/2014 New York Times Parents are poor judges of children’s weight
2/4/2014 CBS News Half of parents of overweight children don't think they have weight issues: Study
2/4/2014 Fox News Parents often underestimate children's weight, study says
2/4/2014 Reuters Parents often underestimate children's weight: UNL study
2/3/2014 USA Today Alyssa Lundahl’s meta-analysis sheds light on parents’ perceptions of their children’s weight
2/3/2014 Lincoln Journal Star Not my kid: UNL study finds parents don't see their kids as overweight