Clinical Faculty

Clinical psychology faculty grouped on a staircase. Mario Scalora, David DiLillo, Cary Savage, and David Hansen are in the back row. Will Spaulding, Tim Nelson, Tierney Lorenz, Becca Brock, and Deb Hope are in the middle row. Dennis McChargue, Kathy Chiou, Trey Andrews, and Corrie Davies are standing in front.

Clinical Faculty Accepting New Graduate Students for Fall 2024

Trey Andrews
Aron Barbey
Kathy Chiou
David DiLillo
Timothy Nelson

Clinical Faculty Not Accepting New Graduate Students for Fall 2024

Rebecca Brock
David Hansen
Debra Hope
Tierney Lorenz
Dennis McChargue
Cary Savage
Mario Scalora

Headshot of Dr. Trey Andrews
Associate Professor
Burnett Hall 317

Dr. Andrews's research focuses on understanding mental health disparities among Latino populations, particularly immigrant and Spanish-speaking populations to identify mechanisms of disparities among Latino populations, such as trauma exposure, poverty, linguistic barriers, and cultural factors. Dr. Andrews also evaluates strategies for reducing identified disparities, such as inter professional service delivery and technological adjuncts to care.

Lab website: Latino Mental Health and Treatment Outcomes Lab

Headshot of Dr. Aron Barbey
Stadium East C83

Dr. Barbey’s research investigates the neural mechanisms of human intelligence and decision making, with particular emphasis on enhancing these functions through cognitive neuroscience, physical fitness, and nutritional intervention. 

Lab website: Decision Neuroscience Lab

Headshot of Dr. Rebecca Brock
Associate Professor
Burnett Hall 220
Dr. Brock’s program of research is aimed at understanding the development of psychopathology across the lifespan with a focus on the family context and its etiological significance.    

Lab website: Family Development Lab
Headshot of Dr. Kathy Chiou
Assistant Professor
Burnett Hall 218

Dr. Chiou’s program of research is aimed at understanding cognitive functioning associated with the brain’s response to and recovery from moderate and severe traumatic brain injury. Her research is guided by the use of neuroimaging techniques to explore translational themes in neurorehabilitation. These themes range from the investigation of basic mechanisms that underlie performance/behavior to the development of tools, protocols, and interventions for clinical application.

Lab website: Clinical Neuroscience & Neuropsychology Lab

Headshot of Dr. David DiLillo
Burnett Hall 216
Dr. DiLillo’s primary research interests are in the area of family violence, including child maltreatment and couple violence.

Lab website: Trauma, Violence, and Abuse Lab
Headshot of Dr. David Hansen
Burnett Hall 238
Dr. Hansen’s primary research area is child maltreatment (sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect), including development of assessments and interventions for victims and families, maltreatment prevention, and understanding the correlates and consequences of maltreatment. Much of this research activity occurs in conjunction with clinical services and training provided in collaboration with community agencies.

Lab website: 
Child Maltreatment Lab
Headshot of Dr. Debra Hope
Burnett Hall 318
Professor Hope’s lab is following two main lines of research – assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, especially social anxiety disorder, and using technology to help make treatment more available in underserved areas and the impact of stigma and discrimination on the health and well-being of the LGBTQ community.

Lab website: 
Hope Lab
Headshot of Dr. Tierney Lorenz
Assistant Professor
Dr. Lorenz's research research examines the interaction between women's mental, physical and sexual health. The Women, Immunity and Sexual Health (WISH) lab investigates the ways that sexual behavior impact women's immune and endocrine function, as well as ways to help women with mental and/or physical health conditions have happy, healthy sexual lives. We also focus on helping survivors of sexual trauma through basic science and clinical research.

Lab website: Women, Immunity and Sexual Health Lab
Headshot of Dr. Dennis McChargue
Burnett Hall 321
Dr. McChargue's research aims a) examine the use of technology and digital humans as prevention and treatment aids for substance use problems; 2) assessing the effectiveness of restorative justice interventions for justice involved individuals.  

Lab website: B-Smart Laboratory
Headshot of Dr. Timothy Nelson
Dr. Nelson's research interests are in pediatric psychology. Specifically, his work focuses on the intersection between health and behavior with an emphasis on health promotion in children and adolescents.

Lab website: Pediatric Health Lab
Headshot of Dr. Cary Savage
Dr. Savage's research examines brain health, including the neural processes underlying health behaviors - for example, staying physically active and maintaining optimal body weight and strength – and the reciprocal impact these choices have on long term brain health.

Lab website: Health Neuroscience Lab
Headshot of Dr. Mario Scalora
Burnett Hall 337
Dr. Scalora is currently performing research in a variety of areas related to targeted violence and threat assessment. This research continues to involve collaboration with state and federal agencies.

Lab website: Targeted Violence Research Team
Headshot of Dr. William Spaulding
Professor Emeritus
Burnett Hall 317
Dr. Spaulding’s research interests address various aspects of schizophrenia and other severe disorders, including clinical and experimental psychopathology, the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation, and service systems and social policy.

Lab website: Serious Mental Illness Research Group