Dr. Sim Butler heads Trans Collaborations in Alabama. Dr. Butler is a communications scholar with expertise in using narrative to create opportunities for advocacy.

Dr. Jae Puckett, a clinical psychologist who researches the experiences of TGD people, leads the Trans Collaborations team in Michigan.

Dr. Raymond Tucker is a clinical psychologist who researches suicide prevention strategies in TGD individuals. He leads the Trans Collaboration team in Louisiana.

Dr. Natalie Holt is a clinical psychologist who researches behavioral healthcare experiences of underserved TGD communities. She currently works with Trans Collaborations from Tennessee.

Dr. Angela Dietsch’s research focuses on the development of effective and integrated approaches to address clients’ voice, speech, and swallowing concerns. Her work with Trans Collaborations in Lincoln centers on the relationships between communication features and confidence, self-defined identity, and aspects of social-emotional health.