Photo of Psychology faculty taken September 2023


At UNL’s Department of Psychology, we study human and animal behavior (normal and abnormal) and the psychological, social, and biological processes related to behavior. Our more than 120-year history of leadership and innovation in research, teaching, and service has made us one of the country’s strongest psychology programs and the oldest west of the Mississippi River.

We pioneered one of the world’s first undergraduate programs and its longest-running psychology symposium. We also created one of the country’s first APA-accredited clinical graduate programs and law-psychology programs.

We’re proud to be home to more than 1,000 undergraduate majors and minors, as well as graduate students in the following programs: Clinical; Social & Cognitive; Developmental; Law-Psychology; and Neuroscience & Behavior.

We feature award-winning faculty and compelling, groundbreaking research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Our students go on to excel in professional careers in fields such as psychology, social work, medicine, law, business and public administration, as well as in graduate or professional school.

If you’re interested in helping people, positioning yourself for a rewarding career, and being part of cutting-edge research, contact our advisors about becoming a psychology major at Nebraska.

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