The Best Thing About Being Part of the Psychology Department

We asked Psychology Department students and faculty, “What is the best thing about being part of the psychology department?”

Here’s what they said:

Zach Huis

ZACH HUIS Undergraduate Student, Hometown: Council Bluffs, Iowa

“The best part of being a part of the Psychology program at UNL is the collaborative atmosphere. I love how both graduate students and professors alike are so willing to mentor undergraduates and to help guide us through the whole graduate school process. I am very thankful to be a part of three awesome labs that have given me the opportunity to be connected to research and to apply hands-on research experience in my own projects.”

Molly Franz

MOLLY FRANZ Graduate Student, Clinical Program, Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

“It is great to be part of a community with an "open-door" policy. Professors and graduate students are encouraged to collaborate with different research labs and there are ample opportunities to learn from experts in areas outside of my subspecialty. I really value the knowledge I've gained through exposure to diverse perspectives.”


“Throughout my years and associations with various Departments at UNL, I have found Psychology to be the best department to work in, and I have the honor to work with faculty and staff that are exemplary in ethics and behavior. Aside from the “strictly business” reasons of why I love working in Psychology, it’s the personalities of the people that make it feel like everyone has a home here. The laughter, camaraderie and the feeling like these people really care about each other, care about the reputation of the Department, and a have shared goal to be recognized locally, regionally and nationally as a Psychology powerhouse excites me about the future of our department.”

Jeffrey Stevens

JEFFREY STEVENS Assistant Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior Program

“The best thing about being part of the Psychology Department is the people. From the faculty who leave their doors open for a spontaneous chat to the staff who do their best to help you do your job. From the graduate students who challenge you and keep you on your toes to the undergraduates who are so excited and appreciative to get the chance to do research. The collegiality, helpfulness, excellence, and enthusiasm of the people in the department make it an outstanding place to work.”

Lisa Crockett

LISA CROCKETT Professor of Psychology, Developmental Program

“My favorite things about the Psychology Department are the innovative research being done here and the supportive, collegial atmosphere. When I first came to UNL almost 20 years ago I was struck by the friendliness and goodwill among members of the department. Plus, we have some great students!”