About Diversity in the Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln affirms its commitment to diversity in all its forms.  We strive to be a department where all feel safe and welcome in all of our research, teaching, and service endeavors. As the history of psychology and science broadly teaches us, diversity improves our science and our science confirms the indispensability of diversity. Fitting these philosophies, we have established a growing list of initiatives that are aimed at enhancing diversity and inclusion among Department members, and promoting diversity-focused research. Many of these efforts are highlighted below and more information can be found in tabs above.

Sarata Committee for Diversity Enhancement

For the Department, a leading force in these efforts is the Sarata Committee for Diversity Enhancement, which focuses on promoting inclusion and diversity across students, faculty and staff.  It includes several faculty members and two student members. Faculty members include Trey Andrews (chair), Becca Brock, Kathy Chiou, Lisa Crockett, Sarah Gervais, Dave Hansen, Katy Holland, Debra Hope, and Cynthia Willis-Esqueda. Student members for this academic year are Zach Huit and Allura Ralston.

Diversity Brownbag

The Department hosts a diversity brownbag approximately once every two weeks.  The brownbag features research projects in various stages of development.  This is intended to help the presenter with advancing their research while providing the audience with exposure to the various areas of diversity research and its many associated methodological approaches. Dates and topics are listed under the brownbag tab above.

Diversity Research 

The Department has several labs that focus explicitly on diversity-related fields.  These include research on race/ethnicity, discrimination, health disparities, gender, gender identity, and others. The full list of researchers and their topics of focus are listed under the "Research" tab above.

Graduate Diversity Concentration

Across each of the graduate programs, we offer a diversity concentration, providing students with an opportunity to develop expertise in the various ways they may focus their teaching, research, and service on diversity-related fields. Students take courses both within and outside of the department.  Additional criteria are listed under the Graduate Diversity Minor tab.