Fall 2014 Newsletter

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Rick Bevins, Department of Psychology Chair
Dear Alumni, Students, Colleagues, and Friends,

Thank you for checking out the 2014 edition of the Psychology Department newsletter! The Psychology Department is celebrating its 125th anniversary and as you can see, it is an exciting time to be part of the Psychology Department.

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Save the Date! - April 2015!

The 63rd Nebraska Symposium, entitled “The Neuropsychopathology of Schizophrenia: Molecules, Brain systems, Motivation, Cognition, and Treatment”, will be held at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln on April 9-10. More information here.

Psychology Department Fund

The Department of Psychology at UNL has a long and impressive history, and you are part of that history! You can also help the department have a long and impressive future. Financial gifts from alumni and friends are a vital source of support for the psychology department.

Sleep Photo
7 Principles for Good Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for just about everything that we do. Research shows that when we don’t get good sleep, we’re at risk for a host of problems ranging from difficulty concentrating to chronic health problems like obesity and Type 2 diabetes. So sleep is really important. The good news is that there are some very simple ways to improve your sleep health.

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Here are a few updates since our last newsletter.

See what’s new with alumni from 1971-97

New Psychology Advisers
“Dynamic Duo” Hired for Student Advising

The Psychology Department is excited to welcome Stephanie Osterthun and Joanna Seley as student advisers.

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How Does the Brain Makes Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty?

Maital Neta recently joined the Psychology Department and is trying to answer this and related questions in her research.

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