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Psychology at Nebraska has been going strong for over 120 years since it was first taught in 1889 by Harry K. Wolfe.

Harry K. Wolfe

A Nebraskan since age 13, Wolfe graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1880 and went on to study psychology in Germany with Hermann Ebbinghaus and Wilhelm Wundt— two pioneers in the new "experimental psychology." He completed his doctorate from Wundt in 1886 at the University of Leipzig.

He returned to the University of Nebraska in 1889 as chair of the Department of Philosophy, teaching courses in general psychology, pedagogical psychology, and experimental psychology with a laboratory.

Wolfe established one of the earliest psychological laboratories in the United States—the first devoted to the training of undergraduate students.

The Department of Psychology was established later, in 1939, yet we consider Wolfe the department’s founder.

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