Graduate Program Procedures and Materials

Application Procedures

Application Deadline - December 1, 2023

Department of Psychology Interview Weekend will be scheduled for early 2024. The individual programs have different policies about whether in-person or telephone interviews are recommended or required. Please contact program directors or watch the web site for specific details. Interviews are by invitation only, following review of the applications. We typically extend invitations to attend Interview Weekend about one month prior to the weekend.

Our Online Admissions System

All application materials, including letters of recommendation, must be submitted electronically. We are no longer able to accept paper applications.

The online application process starts with the UNL Application for Graduate Admissions.

The application will request the following information:

  • Personal Information such as contact information
  • Academic history and credentials (for Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Social Cognitive Psychology include the GPA for your major)
  • A list of research methods, statistics and math classes (with grades).
  • A Personal Statement that answers the following questions - What are your interests in Psychology (or Psych and Law)?  What are your long-range career goals?  In other words, what kind of work do you hope to be doing in 10-15 years?  What are your research interests? What research experiences have you had?  Are there internships, jobs, practicum, or other experiences relevant to your application?  Are there any other unique factors that we should consider in evaluating your application?
  • The Department of Psychology affirms a strong commitment to diversity, which is a core value of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We strive to be a department where all feel safe and welcome. In this spirit, please provide a statement that describes your potential to contribute to a community of inclusion, belonging, and respect in which scholars with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, and experiences can learn and collaborate productively and positively together. This could include your experiences living and working in diverse communities, your interests in public service or advocacy that addresses the needs of diverse populations, or your vision for how you would contribute to efforts to increase education access and/or to conduct research that explores inequities. There is not a strict limit on the length of this statement, but one double-spaced page is a good goal.
  • A list of any papers presented or published
  • An indication of which program you are applying to and a listing of 2-3 faculty with whom you are interested in working
  • Names and e-mail addresses of three individuals who will submit letters of recommendation electronically
  • Law Psychology joint degree applications (JD, MLS) require an additional application.  For the JD you must also apply to the Law College, for the MLS you must submit an additional application through Graduate Studies. Instructions for the Law and Psychology program application may be obtained on Law and Psychology webpage.
  • General GRE scores will NOT be required/accepted in the application process.

For questions regarding the application process please contact:

Jamie Longwell
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
Department of Psychology
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
238 Burnett Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0308

Note: Transcripts are to be uploaded into the application. You do not need to send additional copies of transcripts to the Department of Psychology.

It is the policy of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln not to discriminate based on gender, age, disability, race, color, religion, marital status, veteran's status, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.