What Can You Do With a Bachelors Degree in Psychology?

By Joanna Seley, Co-Chief Academic Advisor

“There’s nothing you can do with a bachelors degree in psychology.” This is a common misconception among many regarding a major in psychology. In reality, only one third of UNL psychology graduates go on to graduate or professional school, while the other two-thirds go directly into the workforce. For those that enter the working world, what careers do they choose?

Bachelors level UNL psychology graduates work in the for-profit sector (42.67%), nonprofit sector (28%), government (16%), education (8%), military (4%), or are self-employed (1.33%). A variety of agencies and organizations employ UNL psychology majors including the Department of Health and Human Services, Boys Town, Qualtrics, the American Red Cross, Teach for America, and Talent Plus, to name a few. These and other employers value psychology majors for their understanding of human behavior, as well as their skills in communication, critical thinking, and research.

Portrait of Joanna Seley

The broadness of opportunities is appealing to many students. Through our Career Planning for Psychology Majors course, students consider their unique interests, abilities, and values and how they fit with psychology-related careers. Additionally, they are encouraged to add experience to their academics by completing volunteer, internship, and research opportunities.

As these graduates unite their passion with their skills and knowledge, they have higher satisfaction in their work. This benefits not only the graduates, but also creates a positive impact in their future organizations and communities in Nebraska and beyond.

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