Developmental Psychology Program

Jamie Longwell
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
238 Burnett Hall

Core Faculty

Lisa J. Crockett

Jenna Finch

Dennis Molfese

Anne Schutte

Area Adviser: Dr. Lisa Crockett

Nebraska Developmental Psychology Homepage

Developmental psychologists study the catalysts to human growth from conception to the end of the life span, and the graduate program in developmental psychology at UNL focuses on exploring the conditions of children's lives in which development unfolds. Faculty are not only experts in fundamental processes related to cognitive and social development in infancy, childhood, and adolescence; emerging relationships between brain development, language and cognitive processes; but are also committed to integrating their knowledge with public policy issues concerning early intervention and school readiness; adolescent risk-taking, and the cultural and educational contexts of human development. This research-oriented, multidisciplinary program is involved in many research initiatives with faculty campus-wide, and thus students in developmental psychology have a unique opportunity to explore the educational and health applications of developmental research. Because the developmental program is also strongly allied with the Center on Children, Families and the Law, it provides valuable opportunities to explore the policy implications of developmental research. By integrating basic developmental processes within the fabrics of biology, culture, public policy, and educational processes, our faculty are committed to understanding developing persons and the conditions of their growth, and preparing graduate students for productive careers of research and teaching in this exciting field.

This program is likely to be most valuable to graduate students who wish to pursue scientific careers involving research, teaching, and systematically implementing knowledge of developmental processes. The program is designed to be flexible and tailored to student interests and professional goals. The relatively small size of the program and the broad range of faculty expertise permit a very favorable student-faculty ratio and the development of individualized training involving close working relationships between students and faculty. Faculty areas of research specialty include brain science, cognitive, personality, and socio-emotional development, as well as a broad variety of applied issues spanning infancy through the adult years. This program is likely to be especially well-suited to students who are self-directed and committed to a research-oriented graduate experience.

The Department of Psychology offers excellent research facilities, including the Developmental Brain Lab (directed by Dennis Molfese), Spatial Memory and Cognition Lab (directed by Anne Schutte), and a Developmental Research Laboratory equipped with a suite of one-way viewing rooms, workrooms, and extensive video and computing resources. Field research opportunities are also available, including the University's Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory, Lincoln Educare Center, local preschool and children’s centers, and the public school system. The Department of Educational Psychology offers data analysis and grant-writing consultation through the Nebraska Center for Children, Youth, Families and Schools (CYFS) and the Nebraska Evaluation and Research (NEAR) Center, and the University has excellent mainframe and micro computing facilities.

Adjunct Faculty
Eric Buhs
Gustavo Carlo
Kimberly Espy
Victoria Molfese
David Moshman
Helen Raikes
Kathleen Rudasill
Julia Torquati
Please note other faculty in the Department of Psychology with interests in developmental psychology include Eve Brank, David Hansen, and Timothy Nelson.