Assistant Professor of Practice Psychology

Dr. Omelian earned a PhD in Neuroscience and Behavior from the University of Nebraska at Omaha before joining the faculty at UNL in 2019 as an Assistant Professor of Practice in the Psychology Department.


Courses Taught at UNL (2019- Present):

  • PSYC 189H: The Neuroscience of Zombies (enrollment 20)
  • PSYC 456: Developmental Biopsychology (enrollment 50)
  • PSYC 465: Behavioral Neuroscience (enrollment 35)

Previous Courses Taught (2012-2019):

  • PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology (2 sections, enrollment 100)
  • PSYC 3140: Research Methods in Psychology (8 sections, enrollment 25)
  • PSYC 4230: Behavioral Neuroscience (2 sections, enrollment 70)
  • NEUR 1540: Introduction to Neuroscience II (1 section, enrollment 30)
  • NEUR 4900: Neuropharmacology (2 sections, enrollment 20)
  • NEUR 4900: Research Methods in Neuroscience (1 section, enrollment 20)
  • NEUR 4200: Advanced Neuroscience Laboratory (1 section, enrollment 16)


Teaching Awards & Grants:

Society for Neuroscience Trainee Professional Development Award (Nov 2018)

Competitively awarded travel grant providing travel and registration expenses at the national Society for Neuroscience annual conference to present research on outcomes and support for undergraduate research experiences.

Center for Faculty Excellence Program Assessment Mini-Grant, University of Nebraska at Omaha (2018-19)

Lead investigator on a successfully funded proposal to design and implement a programmatic assessment of student learning outcomes across the undergraduate neuroscience major.

Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Arts & Sciences (2016-17)

Award for faculty member with distinguished performance in the classroom and exceptional success in student education.


Research Interests:

Dr. Omelian has conducted research into best practices in classroom and programmatic assessment of student learning, community outreach, and student outcomes related to undergraduate research opportunities.

Dr. Omelian is also a strong advocate of sharing science with the public. She is the founder and director of NeuroWOW, an NSF-supported educational outreach program that has introduced thousands of Nebraska students and families to the exciting science of the brain.



Ph.D. (2018) University of Nebraska at Omaha, Neuroscience and Behavior

M.A. (2012) University of Nebraska at Omaha, Psychobiology

B.S. (2010) University of Wisconsin, River Falls – Psychology