Emeritus Psychology

Dr. Flowers jointed the UNL faculty in 1972. He transitioned to Professor Emeritus status in 2011.  He received his Ph.D. from Yale University in 1972 in experimental psychology. His primary research interests are in the general area of human information processing, particularly attention, implicit learning, and the perception of structure. His interest in the perception of structure has recently led to a research program on the use of sound as a means for representing data.

Representative Publications
  • Flowers, J. H. & Hauer, T. A. (1995). Musical versus visual graphs: Cross-modal equivalence in perception of time series data. Human Factors, 37, 553-569.
  • Flowers, J. H., Buhman, D. C. & Turnage, K. D. (1997). Cross-modal equivalence of visual and auditory scatterplots for exploring bivariate data samples. Human Factors, 39, 341-351.
  • Flowers, J. H. & Smith K. L. (1998). What is learned about nontarget items in simple visual search? Perception & Psychophysics, 60, 696-704.
  • Odgaard E. C., Flowers, J. H. & Bradman, H. L. (1999). An Investigation of the Cognitive and Perceptual Dynamics of a Colour-Digit Synaesthete. Perception, 28, 651-664.
  • Flowers, J. H. & Grafel, D. C. (2002). Perception of daily sonified weather records. Proceedings of the human factors and ergonomics society - 46th Annual Meeting, 1579-1583.
  • Dodd, M. D. & Flowers, J. H. (2012). The influence of attention, learning, and motivation on visual search. New York: Springer.