Associate professor Psychology

Dr. Holland received her Ph.D. in Psychology & Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan. She joined the UNL faculty in 2017, with a joint appointment in the Department of Psychology and the Program in Women’s & Gender Studies.

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Dr. Holland’s research investigates how people’s health and wellbeing are influenced by their social environments, with a focus on formal support systems, social norms, and interpersonal processes. She is primarily interested in wellbeing around issues of sexual violence and sexual health. For example, she studies the implementation, use, and effectiveness of formal support systems for sexual assault in higher education and the military. She researches the causes and consequences of both negative and positive interpersonal processes, such as gendered sexual aggression and bystander intervention. Dr. Holland also examines how social norms around gender and sexuality affect women’s sexual health. As an interdisciplinary scholar, her work is guided by the fields of psychology (social, law, community) and women’s & gender studies. She is interested in utilizing multiple research methods (quantitative, qualitative, mixed method) and using research to promote social justice and change.

See the Sexual Assault and Sexual Health (SASH) Lab website for more information. 


Dr. Holland teaches courses in Psychology and Women’s & Gender Studies. She teaches Women, Gender, and Science (WMNS 385) and Psychology of Gender (PSYC 421/821).

Representative Publications

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