Maital Neta

Assistant Professor Psychology

Lab site: Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab

Curriculum vita (PDF)

Dr. Neta conducted research at Harvard Medical School from 2002-2004 and then received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from Dartmouth College in 2010. She was a postdoctoral fellow in the Neurology Department at Washington University School of Medicine before joining the faculty in 2014. Her work examines psychophysiological and neural responses to ambiguity resolution in the domain of emotional facial expressions. Specifically, although some expressions provide clear predictive information that something good (e.g., happy) or bad (e.g., angry) will happen, other expressions, like surprise, have predicted both positive (e.g., birthday party) and negative (e.g., car accident) events for us in the past. When presented in the absence of contextual information, these ambiguously valenced expressions can be used to delineate a valence bias: ambiguous stimuli are stably interpreted negatively by some people and positively by others. The working hypothesis in the lab is that positivity requires regulation. Moreover, she studies the functional networks in the human brain that support these decision-making processes, specifically relating to task control. She uses a variety of methods from psychology and neuroscience, including psychophysiology (facial electromyography and electrodermal activity), functional MRI and resting-state functional MRI to address these research questions.

Dr. Neta is faculty in the Center for Brain, Behavior, and Biology which, in collaboration with the Athletics Performance Laboratory examines factors relating to concussion and traumatic brain injury. She is also a member of the SB^2 initiative (Systems Biology of Social Behavior) at UNL, an interdisciplinary research group consisting of Professors of Psychology, Political Science, Biological Sciences, Sociology, Economics,and Special Education and Communication Disorders.

Dr. Neta is on the look out for motivated undergraduate students to join the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab. Please contact her for more information. Also, if you are interested in graduate study or postdoctoral training, please contact her for more information.

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A list of my research projects is coming soon on my lab website.


Dr. Neta teaches Psyc 387 (Psychology of Personality) in both the Fall and Spring semeters.