News from the Psychology Department

Dear Alumni, Students, Colleagues, and Friends,

Rick Bevins, Department of Psychology Chair

Thank you for checking out the 2014 edition of the Psychology Department newsletter! The Psychology Department is celebrating its 125th anniversary and as you can see, it is an exciting time to be part of the Psychology Department.

In this issue, we turn the spotlight on the Law-Psychology Program, which celebrated its 40th anniversary with a 3-day event celebrating where the Law-Psychology program has been and where they are going. The four directors – Bruce Sales, Gary Melton, Steve Penrod, and Rich Wiener – as well as countless alumni, faculty, students, and friends gathered to talk about topics such as eyewitness testimony, jury decision-making, immigration, and discrimination.

Additionally, Will Spaulding, Professor of Psychology in the Clinical Program received the prestigious Kraepelin-Alzheimer Medal in Munich, Germany, for his excellent research in the treatment of schizophrenia. If you are interested in learning more about the latest advances in schizophrenia, plan on attending the 62nd Nebraska Symposium on Motivation focusing on the Neuropsychopathology of Schizophrenia in April 2015.

As usual, this issue is full of information aimed to help you improve your everyday life. For example, as the hectic holiday season approaches, psychology faculty Timothy Nelson provides useful tips for good sleep. Likewise, Carolyn Brown Kramer describes her recent research suggesting that the road to ill health is paved with good intentions.

The Psychology Department community has also had some exciting additions. Maital Neta joined the Psychology Department this fall and is examining the psychophysiological and neural responses to ambiguity in facial expressions. The Psychology Department is also excited to welcome Stephanie Osterthun and Joanna Seley as co-chief advisers.

You’ll also learn more about what fellow alumna are up to in our AlumNotes section. There’s an interview with Richard Blunk, who recently started the Bruce Sales Law-Psychology Program Excellence Fund, on how the Psychology Department affected him in our Alumni Spotlight section. If you received a psychology degree from UNL, please share your story with us. We would love hear what is going on with you and we will be selecting alumna to showcase and interview in future editions of the newsletter.

Of course, we have only provided a snapshot of all of the fantastic things going on in the Psychology Department. If you’re interested in learning more about all of the exciting happenings (e.g., talks, symposia, research) in the Department or how you can help, please or visit the visit our webpage, like our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter.

Rick Bevins Chair, Department of Psychology