Mark Your Calendars: Nebraska Motivation Symposium on Schizophrenia in April 2015

The 63rd Nebraska Symposium, entitled “The Neuropsychopathology of Schizophrenia: Molecules, Brain systems, Motivation, Cognition, and Treatment”, will be held at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln city campus on April 9 (Thursday) and 10 (Friday), 2015. This annual event will be organized by Dr. Ming Li (Associate Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior program) and Dr. Will Spaulding (Professor of Psychology, Clinical Psychology program) and will focus on schizophrenia, which remains a major public health problem and is an intensively researched area in genetics, neuroscience, psychology and neuropharmacology. The breathtaking developments of recent years in our understanding of how the brain works, at the molecular, cellular and systemic levels, have accompanied comparable advances in our understanding of psychological processes in this severe and disabling form of mental illness. Six internationally recognized leaders in neuroscience, psychopathology, and neuropharmacology will address schizophrenia in the context of their broader theoretical work. They will cover a variety of topics related to schizophrenia, including cognitive and motivational dysfunction and associated brain mechanisms, symptom classification, individual differences, genetic etiology, and brain biomarkers of psychosis, and more.

This two-day symposium is free and open to public, but we ask that you please register (available soon). More information about this symposium can be found on the conference website. Continuing education credits are also available.