Photo Credit: Student Spotlight Christie Seyl
Wed, 10/26/2022 - 10:43

Majors: Psychology, biological sciences
Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas

Even as a sophomore in high school, she was interested in genetics and behavior, cognitive events, and mental health, and strongly considering a research career. At Nebraska, Christie received an Undergraduate Creative Experiences and Research Activities (UCARE) award to conduct research under the mentorship of Professor Debra Hope.

The opportunity to work with human subjects and understand their narratives more deeply was transformative.

“One of my most special moments as a researcher was when I ran my first participant for a study about affirming therapy for transgender and gender diverse people," Christie said. "The participant seemed so excited to be a part of the study and to share their experiences. I felt incredibly connected to this participant, and this interaction helped solidify my desire to improve mental health outcomes for LGBTQA+ individuals.”

After graduating, Christie intends to earn a graduate degree in clinical psychology and have an impact through conducting research on the mental health disparities experienced by transgender and gender diverse people.

“[Undergraduate research] gave me an early look into what my career might look like," she said. "It also provided me a space to reflect on what I was learning through my program and to connect with other young researchers.”

Christie is part of the University Honors Program and looks forward to mentoring prospective scientists in her career.