Professor Debra Hope named Nebraska Psychological Association Member of the Month

Photo Credit: Debra Hope
Sat, 01/09/2016 - 19:24
Professor Debra Hope was named Nebraska Psychological Association January, 2016 Member of the Month. Dr. Hope directs the Anxiety Disorders Clinic and the Rainbow Clinic, both specialty services of the Psychological Consultation Center, serving Lincoln and the surrounding communities. Her research and clinical work focus on two main areas. The first is anxiety disorders, especially social anxiety disorder. Deb has been involved in developing and disseminating effective psychosocial treatment for social anxiety disorder since it was first recognized in DSM in the 1980's. Most recently, this work has focused on using technology to help make treatment more available, including using telehealth to reach individuals in underserved parts of Nebraska who need specialty anxiety treatment. The second, more recent, line of work is on the mental health impacts of stigma and discrimination for the LGBT community. One recent project is a partnership with the trans community to identify best practices in psychological services.
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