Social Track

Jamie Longwell
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
238 Burnett Hall

Core Faculty

Bob Belli

Brian Bornstein

Eve Brank

Sarah Gervais

Maital Neta

Rich Wiener

Cynthia Willis-Esqueda

The Social Psychology Ph.D. is designed for students with basic and applied interests in social psychology. We encourage applications from students whose research interests align with or complement those of current faculty and students. Social topics include: prejudice (Brank, Gervais, Wiener, Willis-Esqueda), social cognition (Bornstein, Gervais, Wiener), social perception and attribution (Bornstein, Brank, Gervais, Willis-Esqueda), decision-making (Bornstein, Brank, Wiener, Willis-Esqueda), group processes (Bornstein, Wiener, Willis-Esqueda), emotion and coping (Willis-Esqueda, Wiener), violence (Gervais), and embodiment (Bornstein, Brank, Gervais). Associated faculty members in other related areas are Robert Belli (survey methodology), Ingrid Hass (political psychology), and Maital Neta (social neuroscience).